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Uxmal Leaving from Merida

Pick up: 08:00 hrs at your hotel in Merida.

Duration: 4 to 5 hrs

Uxmal is an archaeological site, a fantastic place you can’t miss, only 80 Kms From Merida City or, only 1 hr., ride in a very nice, clean, comfortable and sanitized vehicle, I will take you to the oldest geological area of Yucatan, called as well the State orchard, because is the best area for farming for the fertile top soil, but without water, what it didn’t represent a problem for the Mayan’s Architects and Engineers.

Uxmal translate for the Spaniards like the three times build, was the capital of the Puuc region (hills region of the Yucatan peninsula).

In this City, you can admire beautiful building’s facades decorated by Carved lime stones, cut one by one making beautiful latticework mosaics, they give an impression of a poem, long as 50, 60 even 90 meters, by 4 or 5 meters wide, making characteristic of the region, and name the architecture style. Uxmal, Kabah, Sayil, Labna, Xlapak, Lol Tun, and some more places non excavated yet, where the Puuc Kingdom, one of the largest in those days, let us to bring this place a life, with our histories, tells and knowledge. You will be great surprise when you hear the information we have about, like the water supplies, the size of the city and more, and more, and more.

After the tour we can take you to the place you want, like a restaurant on the way, or in Merida City or you hotel.

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