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Paricutin Volcano Tour

As of February 20th 1943, the quiet green corn fields turned hot as Dionisio Pulido (the farmer) saw the smoke coming out of the ground. One month later, the ash rain was so hard in the area that destroyed homes & fields reaching over 300 kilometers around the crater. Besides the experience of riding a horse and climbing the remains of lava eruptions, enjoy the lush vegetation as you walk in the National Park in Uruapan, to find a green park with microclimate that has spring water, waterfalls and fountains. Since you are coming to the best land for avocado in the world, don´t miss the lunchtime with avocado menu! Note: It´s possible to customize tour to +3 people.

Tour Duration: 8 Hours.

Tour Type: Transport Based.

Maximum Number of People: 8

Tour Highlights:

The excursion on a horseback ride & walk is the way to find the remains of the local church that was crashed by the flows of lava. Besides this last, we can get in touch with the Indian local culture at Angahuan; an authentic Purepecha small village where people preserve their traditions & language, not to mention the stop at the main church with impressive Morish architecture at the front door and the wood ceiling inside. Lunchtime may take place in Uruapan, next door to the National Park from where we hear the waterfall and enjoy the avocado menu as well. After lunch, get all the green in your eyes walking in the Park that has exotic fruits like Macadamia nuts or bananas with seeds! Note: If you come in a larger group, don’t hesitate to contact me for a new quotation…

Tours Inclusions:

Tour guide & transportation, horseback ride & local Indian guide. Admission to natural parks.

This tour works with a minimum of 2 people. Discount for groups over 6 people.

Tours Exclusions:

Meals, snacks or shopping.

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