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Oaxacan Food Tour

Oaxaca is famous worldwide for its rich regional cuisine. Both Gourmet Magazine and The New York Times have praised Oaxacan cuisine as the most authentic ethnic food in Mexico. The UNESCO recently added a new category and Mexican Cuisine was included as World Heritage for their uniqueness, now putting Oaxaca at the top of the list.
Many famous chefs & food lovers have written books and come to learn the secrets of this prized cuisine such as: Diane Kennedy, Rick Bayless, Enrique Olvera, Anthony Bourdain… etc.

But due to the fact that Oaxaca has 14 living Indian Nations, the cuisine has many specialties even within Oaxaca. Some restaurants in the city offer some of these specialties such as the Isthmian cuisine, Mixtec cuisine, Zapotec cuisine to name some… but there are many more.

We tailor culinary experiences in a variety of options for those that may just want to eat the authentic Oaxacan food away from tourist traffic to others that want to learn cooking secrets in authentic non touristy programs.
Contact us to tailor your culinary experience!

• We have three options of Street Food Tours that you can choose, either morning street food specialties, or different afternoon/evening street food specialties and also a tour that combines great Mezcal tastings with a delicious night food experience.

• We have cooking classes in the city, led by a local chef that takes you to a market and then to cook and eat.

• We have cooking classes in a local neighborhood, with a local housewife cook that takes you to a neighborhood market and then to her home to cook & eat.

• We have cooking classes in nearby Zapotec Indian communities. We drive an hour away only and meet a Zapotec family, go to their organic market and then to their home to cook & eat.

• We have cooking classes to more distant towns in the cloud forest to learn mountain cuisine. We drive an hour and a half away, meet a family, go to the forest to pick up mushrooms or similar goods then to their home to cook & eat.

• We have overnight cooking classes to distant towns in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec to learn Isthmian cuisine, meet an isthmian family, go to their colorful market then to their home to cook & eat.

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