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Mezcal Tour in Oaxaca

Since the last 20 years, Mezcal has become a global phenomenon in marketing & sales. Whether you sit in a restaurant in Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende, Chicago or New York, there will be a Mezcal menu for you choose from. This motivated several regions of Mexico to begin distilling and promoting their Mezcal; from the few agaves they have in their regions.

There are 157 species of agaves that are endemic to Mexico which are 76% of all the agaves in the world. In Oaxaca there are 111 of those agaves which are 71% of all the agaves in Mexico. Mezcal in Oaxaca has been around for over 400 years.… from the Angustipholia, Potatorum, Karwinski botanic families or more popularly known as Mezcal: Marteño, Jabali, Tripon Verde, Coyote, Cuish, Madre Cuish, Tobala, Tepextate, Barril, Arroqueño, Espadin, the unique triple destilled Mezcal PECHUGA only found in Oaxaca etc. Etc. there are over 30 agaves that are distilled and further, in traditional Artisanal techniques and also in Ancestral techniques… each of which have their own methods.

This tour is designed for all to learn all about the world of agaves, land tenure, the entire process from its cultivation to your glass, it’s baking, fermenting, distillation techniques and to taste over 15 premium mezcals that you may never find in the rest of your life with Maestros Mezcaleros that are 7th to 9th generations proudly continuing a family legacy, tradition, expertise… and Oaxacan identity.

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Ave. Palenque Sm. 26 CP. 77509 Q.R.


Nieve #208-A
CP. 68040 Oaxaca


Braulio Mercado #540
CP. 58219 Michoacan


Calle 43 #555
CP. 97000 Yucatan

San Cristobal

Paseo de las Flores 2
CP. 29298 Chiapas

Mexico City

Durango #108, Roma
Del. Cuauhtémoc
CP. 06700


Paseo de Belleza #1414
CP. 31125 Chihuahua


Plateros #2567
Jardines GDL
CP. 44210
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