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Pick up: 08:00 hrs at your hotel in Merida.

Duration: 3 to 4 hrs, depending of your hotel location, or the visit to the museum.

I will drive you in the straight streets of Mérida City, founded in January 1542, by the conquer Francisco De Montejo Jr. Builded Above the foundation of the ancient Maya City of Ixcan Si ho, where the Spaniards Thoth was the Mayan Kingdom’s capital.

You will appreciate the colonial architecture done by the Franciscans priest, like the house of Montejo, the City hall, the governor’s house, The main square or plaza de armas, the oldest Cathedral on the American continent, after we will have a walk in the area, visiting the buildings open to the public, I will have the pleasure to show you the murals in the governed house where you can hear, see and experience a tour Into the local history.

After we ride again your modern air conditioned vehicle, to drive you through the beautiful streets, to admire the old buildings restored, and painted with pastel Colours, you will see the rich style of the mini palaces built by the Hacendados ( the owners of the plantations of agave, to produce de sisal  fiver ) for there families giving it European Airs, with materials and furnitures imported from there.

In Merida is the most beautiful monument to the father land, made of lime stone, carved by hand for Romulo Roso, it took him 11 years to finish that like a stone book, it represent the history of: ancient civilizations, conquest, the different styles of government in Mexico Since it independence from Spain.

After words we can take you to the great Mayan Museum, which is the largest of the world dedicate to only one civilization.

To finish the service, we can droop you to the restaurant you choose, or you hotel. Time for lunch is not included.

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