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Kantemo & the Cave of the Hanging Snakes Tour Leaving from Cancun & Riviera Maya

Tour Duration: 2 days (but It can be done in one day at your convenience).

An amazing experience in the heart of Yucatan in the land of the legendary Mayan people. On this trip you will know about the uprisings of the armed Mayans against the white men from the haciendas dating back to the 1840´s, visiting one of the most important Mayan shrines, where there is an authentic museum about on the Maya rebels. For the Mayans this was a period of intense struggle to defend their land and identity. There will be opportunity to enjoy the traditional cuisine of the region and continue on a hike exploring through the jungle; birding and kayaking in the calm lake before dusk when we will visit the amazing and famous cave of the hanging snakes adhered to the rocky walls waiting patiently for the leaving bats to trap and eat them becoming a vivid an extraordinary nature spectacle.

Highlights : Kantemo // the Cave of the Hanging Snakes // Tihosuco.

Tour Inclusions: hotel 1 night.

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