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It is the capital of the state of Jalisco, founded in 1542. It is a mixture of colonial and modern styles, the one born here is known as Tapatio.

Walk through the new and old residential area of Guadalajara, avenues, fountains and monuments.

Historic center: Visit inside the Municipal Palace, the Cathedral dating from the 16th century; then visit the Government Palace admiring and explaining the Orozco mural; then, visit the Degollado Theater (if it is open to visitors), in addition to the four squares that surround these buildings, having the opportunity to take magnificent photographs.

Then we walked through Plaza Tapatia to the Cabañas Cultural Institute (closed on Monday) to admire its architecture and more Orozco murals. Continue with the visit to Tlaquepaque.


We continue with Tlaquepaque, located 30 minutes from the Center of Guadalajara (towards the East).

Once we arrive at this destination considered as the “Most Important Craft Center in the West of the Country” we have time to see and buy the local crafts that are offered along a beautiful pedestrian street, for example ceramics, blown glass , cut glass, wrought iron, papier-mâché, hand-woven and embroidery, leather goods, jewelry, carved wood, etc. In addition to admiring the beautiful estates from the 17th and 18th centuries where the shops, art galleries, ceramics museum, the Parián (Mariachis Square) and restaurants are located where you can enjoy delicious Mexican or international food.

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