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Gustavo Lozano

Gustavo Lozano was born in October 17, 1963 in the small town of La Junta at the high plateau’s of the state of Chihuahua, México. He is proud of his Apache and Tarahumara background.

The 8th of 9 siblings (5 women and 4 men), when 13 years old, the whole family migrated into Chihuahua City.

Up in the City he graduated at the University with a degree in Animal Husbandry, and one more in Tourism Enterprises Management.

After graduation he went to the US looking for a job been able to get four jobs a day. Stayed in the US only for 3 months and a half and decided to make it back to his homeland.

Then after owning his own business (happened to be a restaurant on Mexican cuisine), he was offered a job as a guide at the Copper Canyon by the company Columbus Travel based un Bulverde, Texas, US. For them he got to be the representative in the circuit Copper Canyon-Sea of Cortés.

After 11 years with the company, he decided to become independent and started to offer his services as a freelance-guide to several Travel companies.

Nowadays he lives with his family at the heart of the Copper Canyon in a rather small town called Areponápuchi.

Always committed to provide superb experiences to our visitors, he is welcoming you all to get acquainted with such an awesome destination.

So, amigos, come visit us!… Let me show the many places of interest we have around us and live the adventure in Tarahumara land. WELCOME!


Hotel Mi Lindo Chihuahua

Gustavo and his son Julio also offer you the possibility of staying in their small and familiar, comfortable and cozy hotel.

The hotel has rooms with two double beds and a full bathroom, gas heater, electricity, hot water, coffee maker, snacks, and parking. Available transportation from the train station to the hotel.

The rooms are spacious with a large patio, excellent location; two minutes walk from the convenience store and restaurants in the area. Just five minutes from the train stop (el Chepe) “Posada Barrancas” station, and just 10 minutes from the “Divisadero” viewpoint and the famous Barrancas del Copper Adventures Park.

Rides to the cable car are offered with an additional charge and transfers, we have a wide variety of tourist services such as horses, bicycles, ATVs and hiking.

A Review: Julio and his family are excellent people, Julio was a good host, he supported us with recommendations, he worried that we were always well and that we had what we needed for a mega pleasant time in this stay. I recommend a campfire under the stars, eating apples from his orchard when the season is. The room is excellent, very clean and beautiful and with water for coffee and coffee maker included. Of course we will return. Martinez Family.

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Ave. Palenque Sm. 26 CP. 77509 Q.R.


Nieve #208-A
CP. 68040 Oaxaca


Braulio Mercado #540
CP. 58219 Michoacan


Calle 43 #555
CP. 97000 Yucatan

San Cristobal

Paseo de las Flores 2
CP. 29298 Chiapas

Mexico City

Durango #108, Roma
Del. Cuauhtémoc
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Paseo de Belleza #1414
CP. 31125 Chihuahua


Plateros #2567
Jardines GDL
CP. 44210
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