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This is a variety of the Persea americana fruit, that was created from Guatemalan seeds in the orchards of Rudolph Hass in La Habra, California 1926. Patented 1935 and introduced to global market 1960; is the most cultivated avocado variety worldwide.

Mr. Hass was looking for a better quality of the fruit with less fiber, resistant to transportation and longer life after the harvest, looking for markets beyond borderlines.
The content of oil in the “Hass” avocado goes from 8 to 12% next to the water proportion that goes down to 60-70%. Something remarkable is the content of B & E vitamins besides potassium. The avocado tree normally blossoms once a year from early spring to the fall lasting 6 to 11 months to rip.

In Mexico, the state of Michoacan has the best rich land for the avocados, and thanks to the weather conditions, rain season and professional training to cultivate the Hass variety, this area exports most of its production to USA and Canada.

The excellent quality of avocados from Michoacan is opening other international markets in Spain, Germany and Japan too. To present day, 80% of avocado exports from Mexico goes to USA.
It´s possible to enjoy fresh avocados in a cooking class when you take the “Avocado Tour” which include a walk in the orchards next to the picking of fresh avocados from the trees!
Over the last 20 years, avocados from Mexico transformed into Guacamole are the most coveted snack to the NFL Super Bowl every February. It´s well known to the Super Bowl every year, big companies pay millions of dollars to present a new commercial brake during the football game.

The presentation of a new commercial break with “Avocados from Mexico” is something the audience is waiting for: fun & delicious!

“Hass Avocado” by Alfredo de la Cruz.

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